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Town of Battleford Donates to New Beginnings Campaign

by New Release | May 29, 2018

The Town of Battleford has donated $5 per capita over five years, or almost $111,000, to the Saskatchewan Hospital New Beginnings Fundraising Campaign, bringing the total raised to $6.4 million. In recognition, the Town of Battleford will have the Internet Cafe named in its honour.

The New Beginnings campaign is raising $8 million for needed medical equipment and furnishings for the new Saskatchewan Hospital under construction in North Battleford.

"We are very pleased to be able to help with this project; to help the people who need care,” said Mayor Ames Leslie, on behalf of Battleford Town Council.   “We recognize the huge economic impact Saskatchewan Hospital has on our local economy. Each and every year, $17 million in salaries alone is put back into our economy and this will increase as more jobs are created at the new hospital. These people live in our neighborhoods, buy homes, cottages and furniture; groceries and fuel; cars and boats. It just makes good sense to support economic development at home.”

The Battleford Internet Café will be a casual, drop-in centre that will house computers so that patients can keep in touch with family and friends and continue their studies. An increasing popular way of connecting with others is through social media. In recent years a number of researchers have explored possible connections between the use of social media and mental health. In addition to being a useful tool for keeping in touch with others and staying up-to-date on current events and trends, it can also help reduce depression, anxiety and provide mutual support groups. The internet café will also provide economically disadvantaged patients the opportunity to learn basic computer skills while helping to enhance employment opportunities when they return to their home communities.

“Having the Town of Battleford acknowledge both our need and our economic contribution is wonderful,” Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Director of Saskatchewan Hospital Linda Shynkaruk said. “The town’s generous donation will help us create a home-like and healing environment for our patients.”

Corinne Bernier Delainey, Fundraising Lead
Saskatchewan Hospital New Beginnings Campaign