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Campaign Celebrates First Million Dollar Donation

by News Release | Sep 30, 2016


NORTH BATTLEFORD – The Saskatchewan Hospital New Beginnings (SHNB) campaign is excited to announce its FIRST ONE MILLION DOLLAR DONATION from an anonymous donor in southern Saskatchewan.

"This is truly an amazing act of generosity!" exclaimed Corinne Bernier Delainey, fundraising lead for the New Beginnings campaign. "The patients and staff of the current Saskatchewan Hospital are thrilled with the extremely generous gift toward purchase of the equipment and furniture they need for the new hospital currently under construction in North Battleford."

Director of Saskatchewan Hospital Linda Shynkaruk said, "When we told the patients and staff of the donation, huge smiles erupted on their faces. Everyone was really excited, astonished and overwhelmingly grateful."

"Spectacular generosity" is how patient Carmelle described the million dollar donation. "It makes me happy to know that people care enough to donate to our hospital," added Adrian, also a patient. Fellow patient Diana, an artist, said the gift is important "so we can ensure we get good furniture and art, as this helps with people’s mood."

"Patients and staff agree that the donation is phenomenal. We really appreciate it, and every contribution to the campaign, from the bottom of our hearts," said Director Linda Shynkaruk.

The Saskatchewan Hospital New Beginnings campaign is working to raise $8 million to purchase equipment and furniture for the new facility: items that will treat, protect and nurture its patients. To date, more than $1.13 million has been raised.

"We are deeply grateful for all of the donations received so far," stated Delainey. "The million dollar contribution from a donor in the southern part of the province speaks to how broadly the services of Saskatchewan Hospital have reached over its more than a century of care and treatment of patients from all over Saskatchewan."

"The hospital truly is a provincial facility," added Delainey. "That is why our campaign is province-wide. We are optimistic that people, organizations and businesses from throughout Saskatchewan will open their hearts to meet the needs of these most vulnerable of individuals and support them by donating to the campaign."

In 2015-16 alone, 22.5% of the 175 patients admitted to Saskatchewan Hospital were referred from the northern half of the province, 47.5% were from central Saskatchewan, and 30% were from the southern part of Saskatchewan.

The 103-year-old Saskatchewan Hospital is the only psychiatric rehabilitation hospital in Saskatchewan. Construction of the new facility began in September 2015 and is to be complete by June 2018. Because of its provincial status, construction costs for the new hospital are fully funded by the provincial government. As with all new health capital projects in Saskatchewan, fundraising is necessary to cover the costs of all equipment and furnishings.

The new 284-bed Saskatchewan Hospital will have 188 psychiatric rehabilitation beds replacing the existing 156-bed facility, and a 96-room secure unit for male and female offenders living with mental health issues. This is an innovative approach for delivering mental health care and supports to two separate groups of people with significant psychiatric rehabilitation needs.

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One in five Canadians is affected by mental illness. One quarter of all deaths in people aged 15-24 is suicide and suicide is among the leading causes of death in both men and women from adolescence to middle-age. Mental Health issues affect people of all ages, education and income levels, and cultures.

SHNB Donation - $1 MILLION

Million Dollar Smiles: (From left:)

Dr. David Duncan, PNHR Chief Psychiatrist; Vikki Smart, PNHR VP of Primary Health Services; Adrian, SHNB patient; Terri Davidson, SHNB staff member; Derek Miller PNHR VP of Finance & Operations; Diana, SHNB patient; Linda Shynkaruk, Director of Saskatchewan Hospital; Corinne Delainey, Fundraising Lead, SHNB campaign.